Me – curly girl and a millennial, obviously…

15288703_10154700619022910_2297009838370415093_oFor those who don’t know me, I’m Sara. I’m many things, but I guess one of the most defining attributes of me is my curly hair, curly nature and all round curly way of doing things. I never quite coped with straight lines and my journey so far (forgive me, this isn’t another self motivational, enjoy the journey style blog) has been anything but a straight path well traveled. I spent a lot of time trying to motivate myself to write and it occurred to me that I simply haven’t found the right ‘me’ to write from. So here I am, brand new blog, same me, same ideas, but packaged in a new way (yes that is a fancy new theme, thank you for asking).

The best tip I ever received as a writer, apart from spending an inevitable lifetime reading great works, was to write about what you know. In this primordial post, I thought it would be good to give a glimpse of what I know and hence what I will end up writing about. As you’d guessed from the name, not only am I a curly girl, but I’m also a millennial (plain and simple curly girl was taken, but this will do). For some reason, millennials are the subject of much research and fascination. Gen X just don’t get us! Not sure why… To make a long story short, I’ll write about being a millennial, things that interest me as a millennial and kind of package it in as a survival guide/interesting read.

I’ll write about writing, modern dating, studying, budgeting, potentially good cafes and things to do in Auckland – don’t want to narrow my audience base too much here! I’ll keep this first post short and sweet with the promise of more to come. I can’t promise that this blog will be the motivational piece to inspire you to climb Everest, but hopefully you’ll stumble across some useful tips to write that 10 000 word thesis without pulling an all-nighter (trust me, I never had to!). Let’s see where this goes, hopefully you’re as excited as I am!


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