I thought I’d start the first actual blog post with a bang by writing about something a little bit unusual that I’d say not too many people have done – or at least none of my friends have: Namasdating. In layman’s terms, yoga speed dating. Getting up close and personal with a complete stranger for the sake of meeting new people and you know, the gram (#doitforthegram). How millennial.

I must admit I had fallen victim to peer pressure on this one. It wasn’t my love for yoga or my yearning desire to find a soul mate that dragged me along to NZME on a Thursday night (no it wasn’t even a yoga studio), no it was my desire to try new things and be different. Oh the pressure of being a modern day youth.

I’m not going to lie, I was slightly disappointed when I turned up that it wasn’t actual serious yoga, more a series of poses where you got ridiculously close to others. Too close. A bit of downward dog, mountain and tree pose and then wine and nibbles. Didn’t even burn off the burrito I had at the Food Truck Garage…

Since this blog is intended to be educational, I thought I’d give some tips for the aspiring millennials wanting to spice up their dating options. First tip? Don’t namasdate. It’s probably worse than tinder. You have about a minute on each pose with your sweaty thighs pressed against a bearded stranger with the flexibility of a wooden pole. In this space you have enough time to say your name, vocation and favourite flavour of Ben&Jerry’s. If you want to get to know someone properly, just go for drinks like a normal person.

If you’re still determined to be one of the select few who have namasdated, then I suggest buying new active wear. I never really need an excuse to buy new active wear, but you really want to stand out. Like the men in fluro pink crop tops with attractive head bands to keep their overly long hair out of their eyes. The brighter the better, the tighter the better.

I also recommend against trying to do actual yoga. Don’t tell them that you’re secretly a level 10 yogi, but endeavour to bond over your inability to touch your toes. You don’t want to get stuck in a conversation where you’re actually having to dispel yoga advice. Time is precious and it’s better to spend this time discussing whether or not he’s a Harry Potter fan. The non believers must go. #HPislife

For those that you actually connect with, bring business cards. You’ll seem like such a professional when you can slip your card into their pocket and they’ll be impressed that  you work somewhere fancy enough to make you business cards. And if you don’t… get some made with just your name and your number (and maybe an ornamental butterfly).

My last piece of advice for those still wanting to try this unusual dating experience is probably applicable to all areas of your life. Go hard or go home. Go hard on the banter, hard on the awful poses and hard on the wine at the drinks afterwards. Oh and if you have low expectations, you’ll always be surprised.



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